Diverse Distribution | Our Company
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Our Company


Our aim is to offer our customers cost effective, long lasting and environmentally sound products for both every day jobs and specialist project work requiring problem solving, high performance products at competitive prices in a reliable fashion and in a professional manner.


We will make a fair profit for our shareholders while maintaining a rewarding, friendly and safe atmosphere and environment for our highly valued staff.


Our company’s integrity is all


How we Do It

Diverse Distribution UK in a Nutshell

  • 01 Motivated, Friendly Staff

    We are are small and experienced team, happy to meet your every need!

  • 02 Technical Expertise

    With many years of experience in the coatings industry and an army of manufacturers backup, we can answer your every query.

  • 03 You Want It When??!!

    We try to add value to every stage of the supply process. We help with specifications, pricing and delivery. Our turnaround is unsurpassed delivering locally in hours and nationally, usually overnight.

  • 04 Diverse by Name Diverse by Nature

    We have a strong portfolio of paint brands, yes but we are also renowned for quality and value in other areas too. We have competitive, quality abrasives, oils, PPE and all ancillaries necessary in the coatings field... and then some.

  • 05 Continuous Improvement

    We won't rest on our laurels. We are constantly looking for new and exciting products and strengthening our existing offer. Those who stand still, disappear from view pretty quickly.